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The Mark Gallery

The Mark Gallery is situated in Connaught Village in central London. Since the early 1970s, gallery founder Helen Mark developed a passion and expert knowledge of icons and the gallery has now become a renowned source of high quality Russian and Greek icons spanning the 16th-19th centuries.


Mark Gallery Athens is situated near the Acropolis and houses much of the Greek and Russian collection.


Admittance to our galleries is free of charge but by appointment only, arranged well in advance.


Since Helen Mark’s passing, the day-to-day running of the gallery has been entrusted to her partner, Dr Marios Pierides, a trained medical doctor and art collector. Appointments to visit can be easily made by email directly to, or via the listed telephone numbers on the contact us page.


Note: Photographs and content from this website is subject to copyright and cannot be downloaded or reproduced without the written permission of the Mark Gallery.


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